About Quoinex Exchange

Quoinex is one of the first regulated cryptocurrencies located in Japan and offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to be traded for fiat currencies (known as fiat-to-crypto). The exchange has been launched in 2014 by a team of financial experts from the banking industry.

Quoine, the company behind Quoinex, is a fintech company that provides different financial services – including cryptocurrency exchange – powered by blockchain technology. As mentioned before, the exchange is one of the first fully compliant digital asset exchanges in the world, based on legal measures issued by the Financial Services Agency of Japan.

Quoinex Exchange Security Protocols

The QuoinEx exchange has been built with security at its core and with bank-grade security systems to ensure that the data and assets of the investors and users are safe.

Among the different security features we find Multi-Factor Authentication, providing 3 layers of signatures for customer accounts and a private API key that remains securely hidden in the trading dashboard of the user. Moreover, it has whitelisted BTC and IP Addresses, meaning that no other addresses will be accepted. Furthermore, the exchange and information of the users is protected by encryption and back-end communications.

Other security layers are checks and balances reconciliation, anti money laundering policies, and transactions processing with reconciliation checks.

QuoinEx Exchange Features

The exchange has a wide variety of sophisticated trading tools, which advanced users and investors enjoy. The exchange offers the possibility to customize dashboard features in order to maximize the trading activity. Additionally, users are able to move, resize, and stack panels so as to match their viewing needs.

The different sections can be totally customizable. Panels can be arranged into sections, moved around and/or to an external screen.

An important feature that most traders expect from crypto exchanges is to have a stable platform. During the last cryptocurrency bull-run, several exchanges were not able to handle the increased amount of users trading on their platforms and most of them suffered outages and other problems. Quoinex operates with a ‘fast execution matching engine’ that is capable of processing close to one million transactions per second.

One of the most important and appreciated features of the Quoinex exchange is the wide variety of fiat currencies supported. The exchange allows users to deposit and trade with different currencies, including JPY, USD, EUR, SGD, HKD, IDR, and AUD.

The charts displayed by the exchange show real time prices, and allow the investor to use advanced analytical tools – such as trend indicators and oscillators. Moreover, the exchange offers margin trading with leverage starting at 2X and up to 25x.

The platform also offers an internal bitcoin lending platform that enables customers to lend their bitcoin to margin traders. In this way the lenders can also earn a daily interest.

Quoinex has also developed a trading application that has been designed specifically for the most active users in the platform. Investors will have access to fast trading features just on their mobile devices.

There are several cryptocurrencies listed at the exchange, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), QTUM, QASH, DASH, Ripple (XRP) and NEO. The most important trading pairs are XRP/JPY, BCH/JPY, ETH/JPY, QASH/JPY, BCH/USD, ETH/USD, NEO/JPY, NEO/USD, ETH/BTC, NEO/SGD, accounting for 94% of the total trading volume of the exchange. Currently, it is the 106th most important cryptocurrency exchange in the market and moved $2.04 million dollars in the last 24 hours.

The Team

It is always important to mention who is behind the latest projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. And Quoine has an important team of experts that has been working hard to offer this cryptocurrency exchange.

Mike Kayamori is the co-founder and CEO of Quoine. He has over 22 years of experience in investments, business management, IT, and venture capital across many different countries, including Japan, the United States, India, and many others. He was working as Senior Vice President at SoftBank Group, managing its Asia operations and investments with SingTel and Bharti Group.

Mario Gomez Lozada is the Co-founder, president and CTO of Quoine. He was the Japan Chief Information Officer and Head of Fixed Income IT Asia at Credit Suisse (CS). He oversaw projects related to the expansion of the Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities business in Asia. Moreover, he was also responsible for creating the FICC Global Development Center in Singapore.

Other important team members are Katsuya Konno, Masaaki Tanaka, Atsushi Taira, and Shozo Isaka.

QuoinEx Conclusion

Quoine offers a good cryptocurrency exchange platform with support for various important fiat currencies from Asia and other parts of the world. At the same time, it allows its users to have a professional trading platform, with a wide range of analytical tools and an important grade of customization. Moreover, it has important security features that protect users from hacks and other attacks. Some points against the exchange are related to the extremely slow cryptocurrency withdrawals, low volume on several trading pairs, and no service for US residents or citizens.

Overall, it has several interesting points, security, trading tools, pairs and more, that make of it a very useful and promising exchange.

Written by MyBitcoin Team

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