Top 7 Online Methods & Sites To Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card

7 Methods To Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card

It was seems like it was eons ago when Bitcoin was just a strange idea used by criminals in the dark web. It was a time when society considered Bitcoin with equal measures of mistrust and skepticism. However, things have changed for Bitcoin now, and 2018 is set to become the biggest it has ever become in its life-cycle.

This year will be important because Bitcoin has made leaps and bounds for the wider market. The price of bitcoin jumped 7 times its value since the start of 2017, and has managed to overcome some of its biggest problems yet. One of those problems was the face-off between Chinese regulators, which happened near the end or 2017. Speculators and users of the coin and now flocking back to Bitcoin and the whole market has enjoyed gains in its value that can be traced to enthusiastic investors looking for the next Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin becomes rapidly adopted by the mainstream, people from all walks of life and small business owners are looking for ways to buy the virtual currency. The good news is that buying Bitcoin has become easier than ever before. No longer do customers have to go through a huge amount of hassle and inconvenience. The unprecedented demand for Bitcoin has bought in fast and easy ways for people to buy Bitcoin, with credit card purchase the best way for many.

As Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed once they are finalized, there have been fears by exchanges for people to buy these coins through credit cards. Most platforms have been put off the idea as information can be too easily stolen and misused by bad actors without the consent of their owners. This can trigger expensive charge backs when the original owners submit complaints with their banks and reedit card companies. Yet this is slowly changing, as the demand for Bitcoin and other alternatives have put the pressure on exchanges to innovate safer buying processes for Bitcoin using these plastic cards.

Below, you’ll find some of the best ways of buying Bitcoin with your credit or debit card, arranged by platform.

Coin Mama

Coin Mama was the original platform to allow customers to buy Bitcoin with credit cards. Coin Mama is based in the United States, and claim to have always customized its business towards making easier payment options for its customers. This this before the widespread use of credit cards.

One of the first exchanges to hit the ground in providing flexible payment means for Bitcoin is CoinMama. This US based exchange has always tailored its business towards providing the easier payment option for their customers. Even before their adoption of credit and debit cards, CoinMama was one of the very few exchanges that allowed their users to make a Bitcoin purchase through Western Union. And now that they have adopted credit and debit cards, buying has even become easier.

CoinMama has a good reputation in the market with a track record of exceeding its customers’ expectations, making it one of the most reputable places online use your debit or credit card for buying cryptocurrencies.

We’d even go as far as to say that CoinMama is a specialist in the field of buying cryptos with a debit or credit card. Their service offering can be a great choice for buyers due to the amount of coins you can purchase. The only downside of CoinMama is that there’s a limit of $150 worth of Bitcoin for each trade if your account is unverified, while verified customers can buy up to $20,000 worth of Bitcoin each month.

How to use CoinMama for buying cryptocurrencies

Simply navigate to the CoinMama homepage and you’ll be met with the option of selecting your desired payment method. Go to the Bitcoin column and select how many Bitcoins you’d like to buy in either USD or BTC. Choose from the packages offered e.g (0.1 BTC, 0.5 BTC).

Click the Buy Bitcoins button and this will send you to a sign up page where you can fill out your personal information, and you’ll need to upload an identity document that has your picture on it, such as passport or drivers licence.

The good thing is that verifying your identity with Coinmama is straightforward as it takes less than an hour or so. Once you have confirmed your details you can then make a purchase by visiting the payment section.

For your bitcoin purchase to be made quickly, you can use the Credit Card payment option using Simplex. If you have an unverified account, you can still buy coins using the Money Gram option. Money Gram lets you get hold of Bitcoins with your credit card without needing to verify your account. This option is only available to US residents.

Once you pay for you coins, you will need to put some balance into your Bitcoin wallet address, so make sure you have one prepared before you reach that stage, and click the proceed to payment button.

On the next page you will be asked to fill a form with all your credit card details through the Simplex portal that gets paid to Coinmama. Once the transaction has been processed you should almost instantly get the bitcoins in your wallet.

On the next page you will fill a form with all your credit card details through the Simplex portal to CoinMama. Once all checks out you will almost immediately receive your Bitcoins in your wallet.


Coinbase is one of the most popular exchanges for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, so no list about using your credit card to buy Bitcoin would be complete without its mention. Coinbase is one of the most widely-used exchanges in the world, and comes with advanced security features. Everything about it has won the respect of the entire community.

Coinbase claims to hold all of its stores of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a 100{655bb1ac81fcc8fe1349773f52235b1b7ffa4867e106313e43ef9ab5e2338f9c} offline vault, which means that the coins can never be hacked from the outside. Coin base’s staff is required to go and tap the stores for the daily transactions to be made on the Coinbase platform.

Coinbase is popular as it accommodates a greater number of countries than other exchanges based in the US. At the present, it accepts payment for Bitcoin for thirty three countries and more are due to be released as Coinbase gains popularity. A registered person on the site can make a buy of up to $150 each week and once 100{655bb1ac81fcc8fe1349773f52235b1b7ffa4867e106313e43ef9ab5e2338f9c} verified, that number gets pumped to $1000 per week through the use of credit cards,

So, for those who are completely new to the world of cryptocurrencies and are looking for an easy way to get started, Coinbase is a highly recommended option due to how easy it is for customers to make a purchase. Coinbase charges a fee of 3.75{655bb1ac81fcc8fe1349773f52235b1b7ffa4867e106313e43ef9ab5e2338f9c} for each transaction.

How to Buy Using Coinbase

Go to the Coinbase site and click on the sign up button to start registration.

Fill in all of your relevant details to make your account.

Once that account is verified, log into your account and navigate to the settings page on your dashboard.

Click on the Payment Methods and then Add Payment Method. From there, you can select between adding credit or debit cards.

You’ll then be taken to a page where you can supply your credit card details. Don’t forget those numbers on the back (CCV).

If your purchase is confirmed, you’ll then need to go back to the site’s buy and sell page, which is where you can start your purchase process for your new Bitcoins.

Once your request goes through, you will then get your Bitcoin in a new Coinbase wallet. Always remember to transfer your coins made from any exchange once you are finished. This is what keeps your coins safe.

If you are required to buy more Bitcoin than the limits, then you will be asked to upload a government Id and connect that to your credit card. You’ll be charged an additional 3.75{655bb1ac81fcc8fe1349773f52235b1b7ffa4867e106313e43ef9ab5e2338f9c} processing fee to use the system. However, if it’s a debit card, then no charge will be incurred.


If you live in or around Europe and you are looking for one of the cheapest ways to buy Bitcoin then Bitpanda is for you. Bitpanda is a startup in Austria, and became a business back in 2014. Bitpanda offers a variety of different payment options such as Neteller, Skrill, SEPA, and of course it lets you pay via your favorite credit card brands.

Unlike other platforms, the charges with Bitpanda are not fiat, so this means that you can determine how much you get charged. However, on the whole, the fees for Bitpanda are in the middle of the road, which is due to the number of chargeback modes they support.

Using your credit card is actually cheaper than using other options like Skrill, which means that BitPanda will charge you around 2{655bb1ac81fcc8fe1349773f52235b1b7ffa4867e106313e43ef9ab5e2338f9c} for any transaction. This is in sharp contrast to the 3.77{655bb1ac81fcc8fe1349773f52235b1b7ffa4867e106313e43ef9ab5e2338f9c} for most other payment methods.

Bitpanda is cutting edge when it comes to making its verification process straightforward d and easy, with the amount of Bitcoin you are able to buy depending on what verification level you decide. The lowest verification level will ask for your phone number and let you buy 50 Euros worth of Bitcoin at once, and 600 Euros total a month.

While for fully-verified accounts that have been vetted with government IDs, users will see a big rise in their daily purchase volumes. A verified account can buy up to 2500 Euros of Bitcoin every 24 hours. This accumulates to a cap of 75,000 in a single month for credit cards to verify the purchase.

Many people find Bitpanda easy to use and is simple to navigate by those who have even a rudimentary know-how of the buying and selling process for cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the platform has plenty of positive to feedback to read over from its customer base. This is impressive for a company that has been in business for just 3 years. Their reputation is better than other companies who have been in the market for much longer.

How to buy Bitcoin using Bitpanda

Start by visiting the Bitpanda site using your browser and then click the Get started button.

It will then ask you to verify your identity. This involves making sure that you are using your own email and not someone else. Fill out your email address here and click the Captcha box.

Once verification is complete, you can then create a new account through filling in your other details.

Now navigate to the account settings page and add your payment option.

Select the Credit Card option and fill out the relevant details that need to be confirmed. This can be done through an SMS code, or an automated call to authenticate your phone number.

Once the stage is complete, you are now ready to start buying Bitcoins at any point you wish. Just hop on to your account and click the “Buy Bitcoins” button at the top of your window.

Then select how many coins you’d like to purchase.


CEXIO is a broker for Bitcoin that started in cloud mining back in 2013. Since then, it has transformed itself into being one of the most sought after exchanges in the world for offering simple payment solutions for its end users. As one of the oldest sites in the business, CEX.IO has plenty of experience and has amassed half a million users on its platform.

As CEX.IO opens itself to the risk of risky payment methods for things like credit cards, the platform goes the extra mile to verify each of their customer’s identities before they are allowed to make transactions. But, once that verification process is over, it’s then relatively simple to get started with buying and selling all manner of coins, with those coins being sent almost instantly.

And unlike other exchanges, CEX.IO live up to its end of the deal by providing exactly what it agreed to for Bitcoin transactions. For example if a user wanted to buy 3 Bitcoins at a price of $500 per coin, that’s exactly what they’d get in return – notwithstanding the volatility of the trading market.

Also, it has one of the most generous volumes for transactions out of any exchange. Non-verified users can buy as much as $500 worth of Bitcoins in a single day and up to $2,000 in a single month. While verified accounts can buy and sell up to $100,000 in a month with daily volumes capped at $10,000. If that’s not enough, you can always opt for the unlimited transaction model, which can be sourced through buying a Verified plus or Corporate account.

On the other hand, one of the biggest problems for CEX.IO is that it charges an inordinate amount of fees and transaction charges. CEX.IO can take as much as 7{655bb1ac81fcc8fe1349773f52235b1b7ffa4867e106313e43ef9ab5e2338f9c} of the total amount you pay in transaction fees. This means that if you were to buy $1,000 worth of Bitcoin, the amount you’d get back would only be $930.

How to Buy on CEX.IO

Register your email address on the sign up page, verify your email, and then submit all your up to date personal information.

Once you email address has been confirmed, you can then add a payment method for your account settings. Select the credit card option.

Submit your credit card details along with the address you registered the card to.

If your address confirms, you can then go and make your first purchase on the platform, through inserting the wallet address that you’d like the coins sent to.


Bitstamp was one of the first exchanges to make an impact on the cryptocurrency business, and is a registered company in Luxembourg. It’s quite popular with bitcoin buyers who can’t buy from other exchanges, as Bitsamp runs an international service. Bitstamp has a great reputation within the sphere of cryptocurrency exchanges as it has more experience than most other sites, especially with the behavior of its users.

As Bitstamp accepts customers from every country, the registration and verification process for Bitstamp takes a bit of effort to get through. Verifying each account takes time, especially as Bitstamp allows for higher trading volumes.

Bitstamp accepts numerous payment options and processes its card and debit card payments through a different service known as Simplex, which is the same service that CoinMama uses.

 How to Buy On Bitsamp

Go to the accounts registration page for, and then fill out the form with your email address.

You’ll need a username and password to be sent to your email, which then is required to be activated to buy and sell coins.

Go back into your Bitstamp site ten visit the login page. Once you’re there, input the username and password they sent to login to your account.

You can then change the password to something of your choice, which will then take you to the verification step.

Fill in the form with the required information. Once you’re finished with that, you’ll then need to wait for Bitstamp to notify you via email once your account is verified.

Once that’s done, you can include your credit card details and then make your purchases.


247Exchange is yet another means of buying Bitcoins using your credit card if you are not situated in the United States or a European country. 247Exchange is a top-rated exchange when it comes to support for its customer network, and its user interface is rather simple and can be easily understood and navigated – even to those who are new to the cryptocurrency industry.

However, 247Exchange can be a bit difficult to use when it comes to truly verifying your credit card information.  Your cards are usually charged a small amount of which you must verify before you’re able to start buying. This charge sometimes gets hooked along the way, and means you may not get the required alert unless you try it several times.

How to buy with 247Exchange

Register your personal details on the site along with your email address.

Verify that email address using the link that will be sent in an email.

Choose your payment method as Credit Card.

Input your Credit Card number and other details. Once those credit card details goes through, you’ll be charged a small amount which you’ll need to verify with the alert you’ll get from your credit card company or banking platform.

Once you get setup and verified, you can then make your first purchase that will be sent to your wallet instantly.


It’s easy to overlook that there is more than one way to buy bitcoins. You can actually buy and sells bitcoins on the secondary market, facilitated by services such like LocalBitcoins. As an added bonus, LocalBitcoins provides one of the most diverse ways of buying Bitcoins via credit card payments.

When you use the Local Bitcoins service, you are not dealing with a single entity or exchange service with a large headquarters. Instead, you are dealing with other crypto traders who are just like yourself; people who have a lot of bitcoin to trade and who may have their own payment terms. Sellers on LocalBitcoins accept a diverse range of methods for payment such as wire transfers, PayPal, bank deposits, and even gift cards.

LocalBitcoins could offer you a variety of prices to pick from, as each vendor sets their own fees. It also provides other benefits such as anonymous buying as vendors typically will not demand to see your personal info, which is unlike exchanges. And unlike exchanges, some vendors will ask for you to make a purchase for goods worth the Bitcoins and ask to have them sent to their addresses.

How to Buy Using Local Bitcoins

Register on the LocalBitcoins website as a buyer.

One the main page, fill out what’s called a “buy order” and clearly state the amount of Bitcoin that you’d like to buy, your means of payment and location.

Wait a bit for the Bitcoin vendors to find you and accept your terms.

Otherwise, you can browse through the list of vendors and select the vendors that match your requirements.

Finally, contact one and get down to business.

Buying Bitcoin with Credit Card Summary

So, as one can see, there is a multitude of different ways to buy and trade Bitcoins. What method you decide to go with will depend on your preferences and what you’re looking to get from the platform.

However, the best thing to do for starters to weigh up the pros and cons of each platform and what they can offer you.

It should also be mentioned that your main concern should be the security of your information, credit card details, and the bitcoins you buy. Always be very careful when entering your payment information and card data.

Remember: if you have any suspicions about the service you choose, you need stop. As the full responsibility of your actions squarely rests on your shoulders.

The best way to get started is by talking about the above services with people who know you know as it can be hard, if not impossible, to get any money back from these platforms, especially if you were ripped off.

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