Top 19 Cryptocurrency Articles To Read When Getting Started In Bitcoin

One challenging aspect of Bitcoin and its derivatives is that it is a novel and expanding field that makes it difficult to source reliable information about the topics. Mostly, people are forced to skim through blog articles and white papers to learn as they go.

Cryptocurrency Educational Articles

Since it takes most people a long while to filter through all the noise and learn what’s helpful, we decided to put together list of the most helpful resources for you to learn about Bitcoin, especially for newbies who are just starting out.

1. Why Bitcoin Matters

This article is considered to be one of the best resources for why potential investors should consider Bitcoin. The article was written by Andreessen Horowitz, who is a key player when it comes to investing in blockchain-related companies. Horowitz has been preaching the potential use of Bitcoin since its inception almost 10 years ago.

In the article, Horowitz states that although Bitcoin is a popular subject nowadays thanks it its enormous coverage in the media, there is also a divide of knowledge between what its proponents understand about the coin and the mainstream public. Horowitz goes on to explain why many entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are excited about it, as well as speculating on the future value of the digital token.

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2. Bitcoin — The Internet of Money

The Internet of Money article was authored by Naval Ravikant, who wrote it in 2014. This article highlights how Bitcoin was designed to be far more than just a means of exchange for digital payments. In his post, he talks through some of the potential uses of Bitcoin. Many of the examples that Ravikant gives in his article has since been implemented by startups.

The Internet of Money piece highlights how important the blockchain is going to be for out future, especially when it comes to the function of contract law.

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3. How Digital Currency Will Change the World

This article is by the Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong. He wrote this to outline the potential impact of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and how they could have a positive impact on the world’s prosperity. To put it simply, he wrote that as economic freedom rises, so does prosperity, and that cryptocurrencies could play a key role in enriching the populace.

Armstrong compares the crypto movement to the most disruptive technologies of our time, namely artificial intelligence and quantum computing. The states that these coins could help to create more freedom in the world for the economy, as well as serve as a stimulus package and increase innovation. Other things that the coins could do include reducing the risks of war, overthrow dictatorial governments, and increase the world’s happiness.

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 4. The Bitcoin Whitepaper

The Bitcoin Whitepaper that was published by its founder Satoshi Nakamoto and is the number one resource for anyone who is starting out with Bitcoin. It is the original manifesto that introduced Bitcoin and there is arguably no better resource to learn about the subject.

The Bitcoin Whitepaper should be understood fully before reading anything else. It serves as the baseline understanding of all other articles contained in this post, as it gives a holistic view of the terms, technology, and intentions used when Bitcoin was first released.

Nakamoto describes Bitcoin as being a payment system for what he calls “cryptographic proof” as opposed to trust. This could then allow people to buy and sell from each other without the need for an intermediary or third party taking a cut.

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5. By Reading This Article, You’re Mining Bitcoins

This article by Ritchie King helps its readers to develop and understanding of the blockchain and what it takes to mine the currency. This piece is a perfect complement to the Bitcoin white paper as it gives Bitcoin mining a context.

King describes Bitcoin mining with an analogy to bookkeeping. Each miner helps to build and resource a ledger that contains records of each transaction. A record is made on the blockchain each time a user sends coins to someone else, which is then checked by the miners.

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6. Coindesk Resources

Almost every other question you could have about Bitcoin is answered somewhere in the Coindesk resources section of its website. The platform does a good job at explaining things in plain english, and you may discover a thing or two that will make your cryptocurrency portfolio grow in the future.

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7. Fat Protocols

There is a big difference between applications and protocols that should be realized before you put money into Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. The piece was written by Joel Monegro, and it goes into extensive detail of how the blockchain will change the Internet and the apps that make use of them. It’s considered by many experts as a must read for those who want an in-depth understanding of the future for this disruptive technology.

In the article, Monegro states that the correlation between protocols and apps is reversed when developers design a stack of applications. The value is shifted towards the shared layer of protocols and only a small amount of value is centered among the applications layer. One way of looking at it is that it’s a stack of fat protocols and thin apps.

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8. The Fifth Protocol

The Fifth Protocol by Naval Ravikant explores the possibility of a fifth protocol that could be used in computer to computer communications to transfer value. This new protocol may help to ease the pressure of transactions and other demands of data that can harm the blockchain with its expensive fees, especially in the case of large quantities. Additionally, this new invention could curb the prevalence of spam and denial of service attacks, as well as exploring its autonomous use in the case of artificial intelligence.

In his article, Ravikant states that one day cryptocurrencies will be used by companies to transfer value, check contracts, and track each transaction through the blockchain. With this new development, the resources used by Bitcoin miners could be put to good use, as well as better control over the routing of network data.

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9. Bitcoin for Crowdfunding

Another post by Naval Ravikant. In it he outlines how Bitcoin could be used for crowdfunding, and was published long before the craze of initial coin offerings (ICOs). An initial coin offering is a unique model that startups can use to raise capital through the issuance of digital tokens. These tokens are then comparable to shares, or used as a means of voting on the company’s direction.

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10. Blockchain Tokens and the dawn of the Decentralized Business Model

In an article by Fred Ehrsam, the author explains how the decentralized model of business can lead to advantages on a more conceptual level. Ehrsam includes examples of how tokens and the blockchain have been implemented for companies in the past, and serves as a good baseline of understanding for its allure.

He states that company equity was once used by startup companies to attract talented employees, which is in the process of changing. Decentralized applications can now be used to give a bonus for new employees around the world, and help increase its adoption.

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11. Thoughts on Tokens

Balaji and Naval collaborated on this next piece for Thoughts on Tokens. This piece outlines the growing ICO and Token market. It’s important for investors to it read as it covers the most important opportunities, challenges, and developments of where these tokens could end up in the future.

A key message of the article is that tokens should not be compared to equity in a business, rather they work the same as an application API key. Regardless of this often-cited misunderstanding of tokens, they are still a valuable and disruptive development in the field of startup funding. The tokens work to expand opportunities for developing a variety of different projects that were previously reserved for venture capitalists and Wall St.

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12. The Difference Between Coins And Protocol Tokens

The terms coins and protocol tokens are often used interchangeably, yet they have some key differences that separate the two. This article is a helpful read for anyone who wants to understand tokens, coins, and decentralized applications in greater detail.

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13. Bit Gold

This next piece by Nick Szabo outlines his idea of “Bit Gold” that was proposed in 2005. Bit Gold is a similar idea to Bitcoin, and some people have said that Nick Szabo is actually Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

In the article, Szabo describes a protocol where bits could be made online with minimal interference by third parties. These bits could then be safely stored away, transferred, or exchange with a little amount of trust involved.

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14. The God Protocols

Another article by Nick Szabo. This one provides an overview of the ways that the blockchain could be important for trust, and is compared to some depreciated third party protocols. The God Protocols was authored well before the inception of bitcoin, and even mentions some of the problems that Bitcoin has been designed to resolve.

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15. What is the Lightning Network?

Elizabeth Stark wrote this next article, who is the co-owner of Lightning. In it she describes the Lightning network using simple English what the Lightning Network is and its relevance to the blockchains that we see today.

She states that the Lightning Network could allow blockchain transactions to be processed faster. This could be accomplished by each computer only storing vital information and discarding the data that’s unneeded.

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16. The Company of the Future: DAO

A piece written by Dmitry Korzhik. The article covers the features and benefits of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This one is a great read if you are new to the idea and would like to get an overview of the concept.

Krozhik states that the future of companies and organizations in the future will be distributed. This means that we could possibly see a time where bosses don’t exist and the each person’s voice will be heard despite their standing within the company. Additionally, there will be no employees, rather stakeholders whose value will increase as the company earns additional profits.

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17. The Bear Case For Crypto

This is an article by Preston Byrne, who is a tech entrepreneur. Bryne’s job is to analyze the ICO market from both a technical and legal perspective. In his article, he explains how the market is ready for the optimization of cryptocurrencies and how they might happen.

The article has a particular emphasis on initial coin offerings and their promise of cheap, quick gains. These tokens promise the most amount of revenue in the shortest time span. He goes on to assert that the ICO market is in a bubble, and that its bubble will need to burst before consumers will be able to leverage the value from this new technology.

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18. Fiat Currency: What It Is and Why It’s Better Than a Gold Standard

This provides a bird’s eye view of the fiat currency market (including the dollar) and explains why these currencies are a superior option to the Gold standard. The post also gives some details on how gold has performed in the past, along with some surprising results that outlines that it might not be the best investment to make.

The author, whose real identity is unknown, states that the traditional stores of value like gold and silver are purchased more in uncertain economic climates. And this fact that harm the supply circulation of a currency when it comes to distributing it on a large scale.

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19. Bitcoin Resources

This final article in our list is a comprehensive resource that covers everything to do with Bitcoin, investing, and the blockchain. This webpage works as a directory of sorts that has links to many articles, online courses, and video presentations that visitors can access for free of charge. There are hundreds of links on there to choose from, making it something to bookmark for future reference.

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Thanks for taking a look at our top 19 articles for getting started with Bitcoin, let us know of any other valuable pages in the comments below.

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