An intuitive and valuable block explorer, Etherscan is also an Ethereum analytics platform. While seemingly a bit technical for some cryptocurrency users, a block explorer is simply a search engine that allows users to search for, confirm and validate transactions that have occurred on a blockchain.

Etherscan is the principal block explorer for the Ethereum blockchain network. Still a sleeping giant, Ether’s ERC-20 token protocol has been employed in the vast majority of ICOs. Now established as the malleable foundation of much blockchain exploration and copious development overall, the Ethereum platform and its ERC-20 token play massive albeit often silent roles in the crypto market.

An independently operated project, Etherscan is the product of a collective of passionate developers, fired up about the future of blockchain technology. With expertise centered on “decentralized information and infrastructure applications” enabled by the Ethereum platform, the team has put a detailed, polished site together for enthusiasts.

What Is Etherscan?

Etherscan is an independent project, and joins the ranks of numerous other Ethereum block explorers already out there. The company receives no funds nor does it take management or direction from the Ethereum project.

In a nutshell, Etherscan indexes the Ethereum blockchain. Indexing this decentralized, public ledger, Etherscan then makes this information available on its site. If anything, a step away and a boon for users intimidated by very technical issues, Etherscan draws intel from the decentralized database that the Ethereum blockchain constitutes. Subsequently indexing and also simplifying it, the app then presents the information on the Etherscan site in an accessible, transparent manner. The site’s essential aim is to maintain searchability on every single transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.

Etherscan is not a trading platform or brokerage, nor does the company supply a wallet facility or any other such user facility. For the reassurance of users, the company does not store users’ private keys. Possibly for the benefit of newcomers or tentative users, the company states onsite that they have no control over Ethereum network transactions.

Etherscan is a librarian. If you want to know where to find a certain book, or in this case blockchain transaction, log on.

The team punt their “load-balanced robust API services” that users can employ to serve as data feeds for Ethereum blockchain information, or build decentralized apps.

Etherscan Growing Through Fintech Services

The project faces many competitors and is not a sole appointee of Ethereum’s, nor does it have any exclusivity in conducting its business. Nonetheless, Etherscan fills the niche of ‘tech geek build’ made good for the citizenry. While there are more colorful and even smarter sites out there, Etherscan is a sweet spot combination of logical and smart presentation with a host of intel that is pertinent, useful and eminently valuable to users.

Anyone looking to research Ethereum blockchain transactions will find the platform comprehensive, easy to use and most importantly riddled with small touches only a fellow user would have built in. An organic emergence from the lives of the development team, drop down menus feature rewardingly useful information.

There is a large amount of user-aiding intel to be found onsite, starting with the FAQs. Experienced users will recognize the cautionary tone that permeates the site copy. The team has done well to make things plain to those perhaps employing a block explorer for the first time. They also manage not to weigh more experienced users down with irrelevant information, having built the site with an intuitive flow.

Snippets such as that explaining the “irreversible nature of digital currency protocols,” meaning that “transactions can neither be canceled nor reversed once they have been sent,” abound.

While not overdone, they speak volumes for the intent and integrity of the project because, as they point out on the site:

“As a free blockchain explorer, we can only provide and display information on transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Etherscan is a read-only GUI (graphic user interface) to the Ethereum blockchain.”

Such statements are not obligatory for a block explorer project, yet made onsite in a bid to steer users through what is essentially an ebook version of a blockchain.

Etherscan Ethereum's Blockchain Explorer Conclusion

Clearly listening and looking out for users, the site’s ethos is well met by its overall build and the convenience it provides. Statements such as “As much as we wish to help, would not be able to recover or aid in the recovery of your funds,” the project’s tone is emblematic of the best of blockchain technology rolled out for the world’s citizenry.

With a visible willingness to aid users beyond their call, Etherscan’s team have built a block explorer that is so far faultless, easy to use and quick about it as well.

Any user looking for access to the Ethereum blockchain’s history would do well to employ Etherscan. Not only is the essence of the app immediately available, users are also surrounded by helpful, relevant information while on the site.

Written by MyBitcoin Team Staff

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