Top 3 Easy Moneyless Ways to Earn Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Online

3 Simple Ways to Earn Bitcoin Online

If you’re looking to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and you have no credit or paper currency to do so, you may not be entirely out of luck. We live in the very advanced age of the Internet, and there exists several options how you can earn Bitcoin or cash in order to invest. Here are just a few methods to inspire and get you started.

1. On-Demand Paid Online Gigs

There are quite a few sites out there well-known for offering their users quick and easy ways to get paid for gigs online. These such gigs are called are called micro-tasks. You create a public profile, you select skills, and you promote them on their website. The site started out at by offering $5 per gig, but it’s grown to allow a more diverse spectrum of payments.

For example, if you’re great with Photoshop, you could offer a gig that takes someone’s name and makes a small work of art. If you have SEO experience, you could offer to do some small work on someone’s website. The money you earn from these sites you may turn into cryptocurrency through an exchange such as Coinbase, Gdax, Gemini, or any one of the many other online exchanges popping up everywhere.

2. Micro-Tasks

There are other types of micro task websites that don't necessarily involve any software or skill. These generic micro-tasks are so very small and they can be completed in less than a minute. While the pay-out is not seemingly impressive, it adds up quick. A well-abled worker can expect more than minimum wage in online payments.

The faster you get at these micro-tasks, the more money you expect to earn. Some well-trained workers have sped up their micro-task completion to do a dozen per minute, and they're among the highest paid in this industry. The rate of pay they can expect is well above minimum wage. These workers enjoy the simplicity and monotony that micro-tasks offer.

Major companies and organization use micro-task workers to employ real human beings to do jobs that robots cannot do. For example, one gig on that website is to verify what products are in a photo. It might ask you, “Draw a square around the soda bottle in this photo,” and after you complete it, you’re paid the very small amount, and then you can move onto the next task.

So many new investors use micro-tasking for their first Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, or Ripple investment. That’s because these jobs are portable; they don’t require the time and resources other larger gigs require. People enjoy this site because it’s something easily completed at a coffee shop. They're also mindless so you can do them while watching television.

These two are just the beginning. There are other micro-task websites that are solely for Bitcoin payouts, and this doesn’t require you to exchange paper currency for Bitcoin. Perform a quick Google search of, “earn Bitcoin tasks” or similar and explore the pages and pages of results. There are so many companies offering cryptocurrency in exchange for online labor!

3. Content Writing

Content creation is the king of the work from home lifestyle. There are so many people who work full time writing content, and some make an impressive sum of money doing so! However, in order to qualify for this type of money earning, you must possess an above-average mastery of the English Language.

However, it’s not that hard! In fact, even if you cannot write prose that flows and incites wonder, there are other content-related micro tasks similar to the ones above. Projects include product descriptions, summarizing a government or organization's website, writing a description of a real estate property, and more. There are over two-dozen major content creation websites, each specializing in a specific aspect of writing. These can be profitable even if writing does not come natural to you because – most of the time – they focus more on describing something rather than writing a literary masterpiece.

Content libraries are perfect for writing about what you love. Most content websites require you to discuss a very specific topic assigned to you. Content libraries allows you to put your hands to keyboard and generate an article on absolutely any topic. While you don’t get paid up-front for the article, you can still generate a library of content that will likely sell as time passes. This is great for a ‘trickle’ income earned over the weeks, months, and years. The larger your marketplace content library, the more trickle income you’ll earn.

Most of these websites pay you via PayPal. To turn this into cryptocurrency you must use an exchange. Perform a Google search, “Paypal to Bitcoin” to see some of these exchanges. Ensure that you do your research to know whether or not the exchange is legitimate; this won’t take a long time at all.

Wrapping it All Up

With some creativity, diligence, and a bit of focused labor, you’ll soon find dozens of methods of getting paid online. Do these online tasks once on awhile and watch your earnings add up over time. Use these earnings to deposit funds onto your online exchange, and be patient as the booming cryptocurrency market makes your earnings grow even more!

It takes work to earn your initial Bitcoin funds online, but the labor is well worth it. If you truly believe Bitcoin is still in the beginning of its lifecycle, then it’s reasonable to expect that for every dollar/pound you earn today, your work may be worth so much more in the future. If you’re excited and hopeful about Bitcoin, don’t delay your initial investment. Get in the market today and take part in the world’s biggest emergency form of investing and money transfer!

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