Bitcoin Payments via Lightning Makes its Way to Apple Watches

Now, you can receive Bitcoin lightning payments on your Apple smartwatch just with a few taps.

Bluewallet, a popular lightning network wallets launched their new app for Apple Watch on Sunday. “The first lightning enabled watch wallet” by Bluewallet allows users to receive Bitcoin over its second-layer payment technology Lightning Network.

Users can use the smartwatch app to generate a QR code that another person can use to scan with their smartphone to send the payment. When it comes to features, the website mentions that it allows to receive payments directly
 on your watch, access all your wallets from your watch, and see latest transactions from your wallets as well.

It further allows you the option to either use custodial lightning wallets or to run your very own node to provide seamless use of Lightning Network for payments. It means you don’t need to be online, open channels, provide liquidity or operate and maintain a node.

Created by a team of three developers, the focus currently is on minimizing trust as Product and UX engineer Nuno Coelho shared with a media outlet,

“We would also like to move from being a third-party service, minimizing trust. That’s our most important goal at the moment.”

Bluewallet has already shared a sneak peek a few weeks ago and now is officially downloadable from the iTunes store.

However, Coelho did share that it is basically an experiment at this point, “It’s a small experiment we’re doing to put wallets on the watch. The first releases will be simple, allowing you to receive lightning payments.”

Given the fact that smartwatches aren’t as popular as smartphones, it is all experimental at this stage. On the basis of the feedback the team will move forward as in “how to build this stuff properly.”

The idea has been to provide the convenience of receiving Bitcoin with simply two taps from your wrist. Bitcoin on the go is what it is!

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