Craig Wright Continues Attack on Anyone Who Says He Isn’t Satoshi, Going After Roger Ver

Craig Wright is not a man who likes to be disagreed with, which he has made clear with his attack on anyone who states that he isn’t the true creator of Bitcoin. Will his latest legal attack against Roger Ver work, or will Ver persist?

  • Roger Ver is served legal papers by Craig Wright’s representatives.
  • Ver pulls April 15th video, but posts another.

Craig Wright used to be in the media constantly for his support over Bitcoin SV, amongst other things. However, the majority of mentions of his name have been attached to Satoshi Nakamoto, and not in the way he would prefer. Wright has insisted that he is the true identity of Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin, and has subsequently attacked anyone who says otherwise with legal action.

Most notably, Wright went after a Twitter user named Hodlonaut that called him a fraud, leading to a massive bounty being placed on the user for anyone with information of his true identity. His aggressive attack led to the delisting of Bitcoin SV from multiple exchanges. Any other person would see this as a warning, but Wright appears to take it as a challenge, going after yet another naysayer – Roger Ver.

Ver is an avid supporter of Bitcoin Cash and has even been given the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus.” However, Ver posted a video that Wright considers to be libel on April 15th, titled “Special Message to Craig Wright.” He called Wright “a liar and a fraud” before taunting, “Sue me. Again.” However, the video has since been removed, after a follower commented that slander could be met with a 3-year imprisonment.

Clearly, Wright has taken him up on the offer, as his representatives served Ver legal papers to accuse him of libel, rather than holding the informal meeting at a crypto event in London as planned. The attorneys warned Ver to apologize to Wright, or he would face the legal wrath of Wright instead. With or without an apology, Wright also wants to be compensated for the slander with £100,000 and an injunction to stop Ver from saying anything else on the matter.

The video from April 15th is down, but it looks like Wright is expecting an apology still. Considering the new video posted to Ver’s Twitter account, dated May 3rd, that probably isn’t happening anytime soon. The video opens with a caption that says, “My response to CSW’s 100,000 GBP lawsuit,” and he makes the same statement as before.

“Craig Wright is a liar and a fraud. So, sue me. Again.”

With the way that Wright has reacted so far, it is possible that his attorneys have already begun drafting the latest legal paperwork. Just give it a little time.

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