Many readers are already aware that the crypto market is ridden with elements of volatility. One day the price of a single Bitcoin may be $20K and the very next day its value may drop by over 5%.

Knowledge of current events within this market sector is a must— especially if an individual is a cryptocurrency investor or day-trader.

One should also bear in mind the fact that most dips and rallies are a direct consequence of positive or negative news surrounding a digital asset. Thus, for smartphone users, the excuse that “I was not aware” simply doesn't cut it.

Best Mobile Apps For Cryptocurrency News & Updates

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at some of the best news apps that have been designed to gather pertinent stories associated with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and all of the other major crypto players available in the market today.

So without any further ado, let's get into it..

1. Crypto Dev — All Crypto News

The name pretty much spells out everything one needs to know about this platform. The app is an excellent source for aggregating the most relevant news pieces pertaining to the world of crypto in one place.

In terms of its functionality, the app allows users to select certain news articles which then automatically tailor our reading preferences and habits. Additionally, All Crypto News makes use of a wide array of legitimate news sources, thereby allowing us to access the best crypto data through our handheld devices.

Lastly, All Crypto News has been designed to keep track of certain fiat currencies such as:

  • USD
  • EUR.
  • GBP

To download the app, users can visit the Android Play Store and follow the instructions outlined there.

2. Delta Forces — Cryptocurrency News And Tips

This powerful tool is designed exclusively for android smartphones. It comes packed with over 30 relevant news sources all of whom can be accessed with the simple touch of a button.

Additionally, the developers of this app have installed a special notification module that enables users to receive updates in real-time. This helps us stay informed as well as allows us to make wiser investment choices.

Lastly, one of the most underrated features of the Cryptocurrency News and Tips App is that it lets us know about active ICOs and other crypto projects that are scheduled to go live soon.

3. Ivo Stoyanov— Cryptocurrencies: Prices, News, Portfolio

One of the best and most trusted apps in the market today. Ivo’s currency tracker is designed to allow users to receive:

  • Up-to-date coin prices
  • Current/Breaking news events
  • Personal portfolio value tracking.

Also worth mentioning is the intuitive UI of this platform which is easy to operate and also allows customers to seamlessly toggle between three different sections of the product.

In terms of its core features, the app comes loaded with a:

  • Cryptocurrency price tracker and ranker (market cap)
  • Portfolio manager
  • Altcoin viewer— all one has to do is enter the name of the desired currency and pertinent information related to the coin is displayed on one’s screen
  • Live asset module
  • Online reader that derives news pieces from sources such as CryptoCoinNews (CCN), Coindesk, Cointelegraph, BitcoinExchangeGuide.

As a result of the aforementioned features, users are able to receive updated market prices, thereby allowing them to make smart value based decisions.

Lastly, the app is absolutely free and comes with no hidden charges. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store easily and the installation process should take no more than 2-4 minutes.

4. CADO Team — Crypto Crunch


Crypto Crunch is one of the most revered and highly rated crypto apps on the internet today. It not only covers a host of popular cryptocurrency news but provides users with breaking stories that are derived from Twitter handles, Reddit, Telegram, Discord and other modern social media channels.

Some of the other core features of this app include:

  • Instant cryptocurrency news updates
  • Real time alt-coin price tracking
  • Insightful cryptocurrency market analysis from top industry experts.

Owing to the aforementioned features, Crypto Crunch is perfect for day traders, investors and other casual enthusiasts as it provides them with cryptocurrency data from best and most trusted news sources.

Lastly, it helps traders avoid common mistakes by allowing them to receive first-hand information that is backed by citable sources. To download the app, users can visit the Google Play store and follow the instructions outlined there.

5. ZGTech — CryptoCoin News and Events

CryptoCoin News much like all other quality news aggregators provides users with up-to-date info from some of the most trusted news sources on the planet.

Additionally, the app also tracks

  • Live twitter updates from respected altcoin analysts in the market.
  • Live price charts of various cryptocurrencies.
  • Detailed accounts of different upcoming ICOs.

6. TooDoo Studios — Cryptocurrency Market Data App

This is another highly recommended app that many crypto users seem to be excited about. It comes loaded with “trigger” features that enable users to set defined market prices so that they can get the best possible trade deals.

Owing to its various unique exchange modules, this app is perfect or day-traders as well as bulk investors.

Apart from alerting users about live token price changes, the app also aggregates relevant news pieces from all across the web in real-time.

7. Marwaha Labs — Bitcoin News & Cryptocurrency News by Marwaha Labs

Introduced into the market last year, this app provides customers with all of the latest updates taking place within the cryptoverse. It makes use of a live news-feed that is connected to media portals associated with Bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, the app presents users with well-arranged news headlines so that users can scan through live news without having to go through each article separately.

It also filters out viewed items from unread updates, thus allowing us to avoid repeated news stories. Other than that, the app also delivers:

  • Detailed analysis of cryptocurrency prices and daily volumes.
  • Live asset tracking

8. PIIYM Labs — Cryptonomy Crypto Tracker


Referred to online as a “one-stop app” for all our cryptocurrency needs, Cryptonomy provides users with a wide range of information pertaining to alt currencies.

It gathers news from specialised sources including

  • Discussion Forums
  • Reddit
  • Trusted websites such as BitcoinExchnageGuide, CoinTelegraph etc.

When using the app, customers will find that in addition to providing them with live news and price updates, Cryptonomy also delivers educational pieces related to:

  • Cryptocurrency investments
  • Blockchain Technology etc..

Also, the design of this app is extremely pleasing to the eye and allows users to easily navigate through different sections contained within the platform.

Lastly, Cryptonomy allows users from all across the globe to come together and interact with each-other via its social media portal. To acces cryptonomy visit

9. All Tech Media — CryptoFisher

This app is geared towards providing users with cryptocurrency news organized as per different categories. What this means is, if one is interested in reading about Ethereum, this app will provide all of the news that is available in relation to that cryptocurrency under one heading.

It should also be noted that CryptoFisher is quite easy to use and non-resource intensive. The app comes with a push notification feature that alerts users promptly when a viral update is posted online.

10. Mdev EU — Bitcoin News

Last but not least, we have Mdev’s Bitcoin News app.

One can think of this product as a crypto filter that weeds out breaking stories and other trending news articles related to the crypto domain.

Additionally, the app also comes with a ticker that follows real-time activities associated with BTC, ETH, and ZEC. From the standpoint of news aggregation, the app frequently updates its stories from sources like, Coin News Asia, Coin Telegraph, etc

It is also worth mentioning that Bitcoin News automatically stops live updates as and when our battery performance dips beyond a certain point. This helps us conserve our power and promotes maximum smartphone usability.

In Closing

While the above mentioned platforms provide users with quality news, it should be mentioned that many of these platforms also come loaded with a lot of promotional content that is usually paid for by interest groups.

When choosing an app, one should look at its core features and then decide which one to go with.

Ultimately, the decision to make an investment lays with us and no news app can be trusted 100% in this regard.

Written by MyBitcoin Team Staff

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