Kuvera Cryptocurrency Mining Plans: Safe Investment To Earn Bitcoin?

Kuvera is a financial education and advice company that also has a network marketing element to it. The company touts itself for providing “Wall Street strategies for Main Street,” aiming to help people make better decisions with their money. However, Kuvera’s primary products are more geared toward helping people understand the cryptocurrency and foreign exchange markets.

About Kuvera

Kuvera is essentially the re-launching or re-branding of a network marketing company called Wealth Generators after it was acquired by Investview Inc. The name change is supposedly a reflection of the company’s goal of attempting to become more recognized globally, which would make sense with their focus being on cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange.

The mission statement of Kuvera/Wealth Generators has revolved around providing its customers with education and research about both finance and technology as a way to help them “find, grow, and keep” money. They describe themselves as a financial fitness company, claiming to share the knowledge of people who have been financially successful and telling people that once they get their finances in order, they’ll have more time to spend with their friends and family, enabling them to make the most out of their life.

Kuvera’s founder and CEO is listed as a man named Ryan Smith. The Kuvera website claims he previously co-founded a brokerage firm that generated $350 million annually, but that he chose to focus his career on educating others on attaining financial success. The website also lists three other people as co-founders of Kuvera: Chad Miller, Annette Raynor, and Mario Romano. Miller also co-founded a brokerage firm prior to launching Kuvera. Raynor has a background in both finance and information technology. Romano, meanwhile, boasts 30 years of Wall Street experience.

How Kuvera Works

Kuvera makes it clear that they are not a brokerage firm. They are not a place for people to perform financial trading. Instead, they are merely a publisher of financial information and research. They offer financial guidance and assistance with no assurance it will pay off in the end. While Wealth Generators may have offered other financial services in the past, Kuvera is focused on three different products.

The first product is called CryptoOne. This is a library of research, analysis and educational resources related to the cryptocurrency market. It includes a newsletter, access to videos, and other types of informational materials that have been put together by Kuvera’s expert researchers and analysts.

Kuvera claims that access to CryptoOne will make it easy to get involved in the cryptocurrency market even if you have little previous experience with it. In a video on the Kuvera website, it’s stated that CryptoOne costs $150 per month. However, upon checkout at the Kuvera website, you learn it’s actually $170.

Kuvera’s second product is a series of mining packs designed to help you mine cryptocurrency. The video at the top of the Kuvera website claims the packs have quality equipment and utilize an algorithm that helps users identify the cryptocurrencies that are the most cost-efficient to mine, such as Ethereum, Dash, and Monero. The crypto mining packs include:

  • Hardware
  • Installation
  • Firmware optimization
  • Energy costs
  • Maintenance

Essentially, Kuvera owns the rig and cover the maintenance of the mining packs they sell to customers. There are four mining packages from which to choose. While the Kuvera website doesn’t go into great detail about them, the different packages have different mining speeds, so the more expensive packs have the potential for a higher payout for serious miners. The four mining packs are:

  • Generator Pack – $600
  • Business Pack – $1,100
  • Executive Pack – $2,600
  • Premier Pack – $5,100

Kuvera’s final product is called FXOnE, which is similar to CryptoOne except it pertains to the foreign exchange market rather than cryptocurrencies. Like CryptoOne, it’s a monthly subscription that consists of educational materials and training videos explaining the ins and outs of the foreign exchange market and forex technology. Kuvera claims that customers of FXOnE will have the knowledge they need to participate and make money in the foreign exchange market without needing to be an expert. The video on Kuvera’s website states a subscription to FXOnE is $150 per month, but upon check out it’s listed as $180.

Kuvera Materials

While Kuvera’s products are focused on financial matters, the company sells them through direct marketing. For instance, when trying to purchase their products, you are prompted to give them the name of the person who referred you to the website. They assume you were sent there by one of the company’s affiliates, which also means you will have the opportunity to join Kuvera as a distributor.

Unlike other direct sales companies, there doesn’t appear to be a complicated matrix of levels for bringing new distributors onboard. On the contrary, the system is actually quite simple. When buying products from Kuvera, you have the chance to pay an extra $50 to sign up to become a distributor.  If you are able to get three other people to sign up for Kuvera’s services, your monthly subscriptions will be free. There doesn’t appear to be any reward for signing up more than three people.

As a distributor, you will also be given support materials to help you bring people to the company. Those support materials include:

  • Personal marketing sites
  • Back Office
  • Compensation plan
  • Reporting tools
  • Real-time commission tracking
  • Prospecting tools
  • Social media tools

Benefits Of Using Kuvera

By all accounts, Kuvera is a reputable and trustworthy company. They are a publicly traded company and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This should give you some assurance that they are not running a fly-by-night scam. If you’re serious about learning more cryptocurrencies, crypto mining, or the foreign exchange markets and giving serious consideration to jumping into one of those markets, you can do a lot worse than Kuvera.

On the other hand, the subscription prices are rather expensive if you don’t sign up as a distributor and quickly sign up three other people. Depending on your financial situation, product cost is the only potential drawback of buying into Kuvera’s products. Thus, they are only for people who are serious about learning about cryptocurrencies and forex.

Is Kuvera Right for You?

If you have experience in network marketing and interest in either cryptocurrencies or the foreign exchange market, Kuvera may be right for you. The subscription prices are not exactly cheap, and so it would behoove you to be able to sign up three other people for Kuvera so you can get your subscription for free. However, with the prices being so high, you’ll likely need some experience in sales or marketing to sell them to people.

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