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Crypto Week by Cloudflare Launches InterPlanetary File System for a Decentralized Web Gateway



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Cloudflare Launched Decentralized Web Gateway For Its First Crypto Week

Cloudflare, an internet security provider, is not introducing a new product in the market which was created to help the users that want to access the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) developed by Protocol Labs to store their information and files in a decentralized platform.

In a recent blog post, the company has announced that it would launch a Crypto Week soon. The promotional event would see the launch of this new platform, which can be used to access the IPFS more easily, as well as the sites built on top of it.

In another blog post, the company has explained more of how the project works, as it uses a P2P nature of the IPFS to provide a number of redundancies for the uses that are specifically trying to access sites or pieces of data. Even if a node goes completely down, the content will still be accessible.

This is a better solution because a single server going down can cause a site to go offline in our current version of the internet, so this appears as an interesting choice for the people who want to have more options than they currently do.

Another interesting feature of the program revolves around the fact that a user can request the data from the IPFS using hash values instead of an IP address. Cloudflare is currently offering a way for the users to store their data on the IPFS by offering a gateway that delivers the content using Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

As explained in the post, this software will be used to let people have access to billions of files that are currently stored on the IPFS directly from your computer, just like you do on the internet. The sites will be connected via a free SSL certificate that will ensure that there is no manipulation.

Also, users will be able to report abusive content and the moderation will revoke the access to such sites.

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