Neo, formerly known as Antshares is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies available today. NEO’s surging popularity has been accompanied with a growing number of NEO wallets.

NEO is similar to Ethereum: it’s a decentralized ecosystem with smart contracts and its own token standards. That’s why many of the NEO wallets on our list aren’t just crypto wallets: they’re also browsers that let you access the NEO ecosystem.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the best NEO wallets available today.

NEON Wallet

NEON is one of most popular NEO wallets on the market. Like most of the other wallets on this list, NEON supports GAS and NEO. It’s desktop-based wallet software that can be downloaded and installed for free.

Like other desktop crypto wallets, your private keys are stored locally on your computer. Your key is stored on your PC. You don’t need to trust any third party. However, your key is only as secure as your PC: so if your PC gets an infection, or if you get hacked, then your NEO could be at-risk.

NEON is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It’s not available as a mobile app. It’s also not the official NEO wallet software offered by the core Neo development team.

NEO Wallet

The NEO Wallet is a web-based wallet that lets you quickly and easily access your NEO.

Despite the name, the NEO Wallet isn’t the official wallet offered by the NEO team. instead, it was built by an open source community of Neo users.

Although the NEO Wallet is a web-based wallet, your information is not transmitted online. It’s stored locally within your browser files.

Another helpful feature of the NEO Wallet is the ability to create a backup wallet. If you ever lose access to NEO Wallet – say, if you delete browser files or lose access to your computer – then your backup wallet can ensure you don’t lose your funds.

The NEO Wallet allows you to store and send NEO and GAS. Today, the wallet is available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It’s available in English and Chinese.


There are two official NEO wallets, including the NEO Command Line Interface (CLI) and the NEO Graphical User Interface (GUI). The NEO CLI is ideal for those who have experience with command lines and executing commands. The NEO GUI, however, is designed for most users who want a more beginner-friendly experience.

NEO GUI is the official wallet. It’s also the most user-friendly wallet, featuring a colorful interface and an easy-to-use menu system. The only drawback is that the wallet is exclusively available for Windows. You can download it for free on Windows 7 systems and above.

NEO Tracker

NEO Tracker is an open-source, JavaScript-based wallet that lets you easily store and transact NEO and GAS tokens. It’s an offline wallet that users your PC’s browser to store files locally. No information is stored on NEO Tracker’s servers.

NEO Tracker is a popular NEO wallet available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Although it’s based in your browser, it can function as an offline wallet.

Ansy Wallet

All other wallets on this list are software wallets. Ansy, however, is a paper wallet. It’s a paper wallet designed specifically to store NEO tokens.

The piece of paper has a public and private address printed on it. Your public address can be scanned by any users who want to send NEO tokens to you. the private address, meanwhile, can be manually entered to scanned to verify a user’s identity during a NEO token transfer.

Overall, Ansy is viewed as a safe wallet because it’s offline and based on paper. However, it’s only as safe as you want it to be: your NEO tokens are safe as long as the piece of paper remains safe.

Ansy is ridiculously easy to use. Just visit the developer’s Github page here:

From there, you’ll be able to either generate a new private key or convert an existing private key. All conversions take place using the Ansy online UI. At the bottom, there’s a “Print” button. Click print when you’re ready to print your paper wallet. That’s it!

Ansy is available for free, although the developer has posted donation links to various crypto wallets.


The NEO wallets above all support NEP-5 tokens – just like most Ethereum wallets support ERC20 tokens. Today, the Neo ecosystem continues to grow and it shows no signs of slowing down. Use one of the NEO wallets above to securely hold your NEO tokens or NEP-5 tokens.

Written by MyBitcoin Team

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