Chapter 7.2

If we created a list of all the companies that accept cryptocurrency, then this list would be millions of entries long. There are, quite literally, millions of retailers that accept cryptocurrencies. Many retailers accept crypto payments without even knowing it: any retailer with an Apple Pay-equipped POS machine, for example, can accept bitcoin payments via a prepaid, tap-to-pay card.

Instead of comprehensively listing every retailer that accepts cryptocurrency payments, we’ll focus on some of the major names that have already dipped their toe into the cryptocurrency industry. Here are some of the major companies accepting cryptocurrency payments today: first started accepting bitcoin in January 2014. The Amazon-style online retailer was one of the first major names to embrace cryptocurrencies. Today, you can easily check out and pay for your shopping cart using Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, and bitcoin. At the payment screen, the dashboard will convert the fiat currency value of your purchase into crypto and then finalize the payment.


You can use cryptocurrency to travel the world thanks to Expedia. Expedia started accepting bitcoin payments all the way back in June 2014. You can pay for your hotel bookings with Expedia. Expedia offers other travel products, including flights and car rentals, but for whatever reason, the company only accepts bitcoin for hotel bookings.


eGifter is an online gift card retailer. You can use eGifter to buy gift cards in exchange for bitcoins, which effectively opens up thousands of new retailers as a place where you can exchange bitcoins. Stores like Target and Best Buy don’t accept crypto, but you can purchase gift cards for both using eGifter. Other notable names available through the website include Amazon, JCPenny, Sephora, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Dunkin Donuts, and more.


Newegg is another longstanding supporter of the cryptocurrency community. Like Overstock, they were one of the first major names to embrace cryptocurrency. Newegg accepts bitcoin through BitPay. The only real drawback is that bitcoin isn’t available on all purchases. If you’re buying from a third party retailer through Newegg, then you may not be able to use bitcoin as a payment method. Newegg also doesn’t accept bitcoin for certain items like gift cards, will call orders, pre-orders, and premium memberships. Beyond that, however, you’re free to purchase computer parts, laptops, and other electronics from Newegg using bitcoin.

All Shopify Retailers

Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify is another longstanding supporter of cryptocurrencies. Back in November 2013, Shopify added BitPay to its e-commerce platform, which meant all 100,000+ Shopify merchants gained the ability to accept bitcoin payments overnight. A number of small and medium-sized online businesses use Shopify as their payment platform. If your chosen retailer uses Shopify, then you may be able to pay using bitcoin at checkout. As of 2018, Shopify has over 1.5 million merchants in its network in 175 countries worldwide.


American satellite TV and internet service provider Dish Network accepted its first bitcoin payment in August 2014. They immediately became one of the first major TV providers to accept crypto payments. Today, Dish Network continues to partner with Coinbase for bitcoin payment processing.


Intuit is the world’s most popular bookkeeping and payment platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Intuit doesn’t directly accept bitcoin for its products and services. However, Intuit does offer a new cryptocurrency payment processing platform called PayByCoin. This payment method is available to all businesses that use Intuit’s QuickBooks. You’ll need to activate QuickBooks Labs and then turn on the PayByCoin feature. Once you’ve done that, however, you can legitimately send invoices to clients and allow them to pay with cryptocurrencies.


Microsoft accepts account deposits in cryptocurrencies. However, users are restricted on where you can spend your funds. After you fund your Microsoft account, you can purchase games, movies, and apps in the Windows and Xbox stores using your bitcoin funds. However, you can’t use your bitcoin to purchase things from the online Microsoft store. If you spend a lot of time gaming or streaming on your Xbox, then this could be a useful feature.

KFC Canada

KFC Canada ran a promotion where they began accepting bitcoin as payment for fried chicken. KFC Canada quickly ran out of its “Bitcoin Buckets” across the country. However, during the promotion, you could pay KFC Canada via Bitpay. You signed up online, then picked up your bucket in store. The Bitcoin Bucket came to a price of $20 CAD, although KFC Canada added a fee of $5. It was definitely a marketing gimmick and not a very efficient way to spend your money – but for a brief moment, Canadians could purchase fried chicken using crypto. There’s no word yet on whether this option will expand to KFC locations worldwide.


Adult entertainment giant Playboy announced that it was accepting crypto payments in March 2018. The company is launching Playboy TV before the end of 2018. That channel will accept crypto payments in the form of the Vice Industry Token, or VIT, which will also be released by Playboy before the end of the year. Clearly, Playboy sees big things in the future of cryptocurrency. We’ll see if their Playboy TV and VIT token plan works out.


Subway does not accept bitcoin companywide. However, in November 2013, one Pennsylvania Subway location made headlines for announcing that it was accepting bitcoin. In a video uploaded to YouTube, you can see an early bitcoin adopter drive 2 hours out of his way to buy a Subway sandwich for 0.04 BTC.


Online social media giant Reddit accepts bitcoin. You can buy Reddit Gold – the platform’s premium subscription option – using Reddit.


Popular dating website OkCupid has periodically accepted bitcoin at various points in its history. The company first started accepting bitcoin payments in 2013, although they stopped accepting bitcoin payments in 2016. It’s unclear when the on-again off-again relationship between OkCupid and cryptocurrency payments will resume.


Steam is another major platform that has had an on-again off-again relationship with bitcoin. Valve’s Steam gaming platform is the world’s most popular online gaming platform. For a few years, Steam’s 125 million users could use bitcoin to buy games and other products through Steam. However, Steam quietly stopped accepting bitcoin payments in 2017 due to high network fees. As of June 2018, Steam has not announced plans to accept cryptocurrency again.


Wikipedia doesn’t sell anything. However, the online encyclopedia giant now accepts donations via bitcoin.


Tesla accepts bitcoin in exchange for cars. There was one famous case of someone buying a Tesla Model S using bitcoin.


Square is one of the most popular payment processors for small and medium-sized businesses. Square now allows retailers to accept crypto payments through the Square app and POS system.


Ultimately, the list of retailers that accept bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies continues to grow every week. The crypto community has become too large to ignore. Corporations can differentiate themselves from the crowd by accepting cryptocurrency payments – and that’s exactly what many of them have done.

Written by Andrew T

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