eBay ads suggest that you will soon accept crypto

Photos of the preparations for the next conference of Consensus 2019, which will be held this May 15 in New York, in which eBay is one of the sponsors, have been leaked. According to the photographs of the marketing material of the conference, they suggest that eBay could soon start accepting cryptocurrencies.

This year, eBay is one of the main sponsors of the annual event, and joins other companies such as: Tata, Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, the Federal Government of Australia, Citi, AWS and Accenture.

The rumor was originated by the publication of a Twitter user:

Filtering the Consensus, eBay possibly announces the support of cryptocurrencies on its website.

According to the filtered photos, the eBay advertising is not very clear, but probably that is what it is, that is suggestive. However, it shows a clear interest of the company for virtual currencies and digital collectables. In one of the ads you can read:

Virtual currency. It's happening on eBay.

The choice of the slogan worked; After the photographs were put online, social networks and traditional media started a debate that continues to involve the cryptocurrency community and generate any number of theories about it.

In particular, the phrase “is happening on eBay,” in reference to virtual currencies, seems to suggest something imminent. Do not forget that eBay is one of the sponsors of the event, which suggests that eBay is looking for partnerships within the block chain industry, because in another ad you can see that it “boasts” of its broad “customer base” of 179 million buyers », something that attendees can see during the entire event.

On the other hand, for some time, eBay has been a platform where Bitcoin transactions are made between users, so it would not be surprising if the company decided to organize, for example, an OTC exchange to increase the volume of these transactions, and therefore also that of their commissions.

According to other hypotheses published on Twitter, it is possible to announce the support to Binance Coin (BNB) as an alternative means of payment to the fiduciary currencies, or it could announce an association with the UTRUST cryptographic payment platform.

This is because an eBay executive, Sanja Kon, joined UTRUST last year, an encryption payment company, which could also be indicative of eBay's encryption ambitions. Possibly, Kon would try to get eBay as a strategic partner.

UTRUST supports Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple among other currencies, while also generating its own native token, which, if true, would probably be included in any form of acceptance agreement.

In December, eBay's senior vice president, Scott Cutler, revealed that the company was considering cryptocurrencies as an additional payment option, but they were still not entirely sure.

However, it should be remembered that eBay already has a category called «Virtual currency», so the slogan «Virtual currency. It's happening on eBay »: could refer to that category, which allows users of the platform to exchange crypts against fiat anonymously.

If that is the case, then the cryptocurrency community has been reaching conclusions too quickly. Or, as some suppose, could refer to what could be transformed into an exchange.

These and other rumors, although not confirmed, fit the optimistic sentiment of this year, since throughout this 2019 we have seen companies and some governments have shown a more proactive stance to support and approach blockchain.

Although each hypothesis should be considered as an assumption without concrete foundations, the community will be aware of where eBay's intentions might be headed.

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