My Bitcoin, my how we fell in love with you the moment we saw you.

MyBitcoin.com was built for you; our visitor and user of the coveted bitcoin cryptocurrency.

As we step into a new financial frontier of distributed ledger technology in the blockchain era, bitcoin is on par to become a new age programmable money backbone of the near future as its value and activity begins to penetrate the mainstream media and social platforms.

Our goal is to guide users into understanding, applying and implementing the best bitcoin practices for all of the major building blocks inside the growing ecosystem. We want to do our part in accelerating the global awareness and adoption learning curve it requires to “become your own bank” by providing educational tutorials, videos, groups & FAQ feedback.

Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the Bitcoin Whitepaper back in October 2008 and released the first version of the software client for the bitcoin blockchain network protocol by January 2009. Fast forward to 2018 and beyond, it seems in order to help boost the bitcoin boom and create unprecedented levels of cryptocurrency craze, there was a fundamental need to craft a carefully thought-out and simple to consume “How To Use Bitcoin Whitepaper“.

And that is just what we did. While long, it has over 30,000 words of investigative research and intellectual insight that you will not find anywhere else when looking for the first 9 years recapped. This guide that is designed to help anyone at any level of experience greatly increase your knowledge and movement within this newfound financial future.

From exchanges, wallets, mining, news, regulations, country specific updates, we plan to cover any and all cryptocurrency headlines that are relevant to those who are looking to get involved and acclimated into using digital currencies. While our main focus will be on the bitcoin virtual currency, it is important to know about the health of the whole ecosystem not just isolated instances or impactful-only incidents.

Lead by a group who intends on our chief aim being as being a reliable, resilient unbiased resource for all things bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain – we hope to be your saving grace for and beacon of light for highlighting and showcasing the fascinating world of bitcoin and its cryptocurrency evolution.

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