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My Bitcoin Media Inc. ( is an independent News Media platform which is focused to deliver news on different categories such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Altcoins. The website is being operated by writers working from different places all around the world. We always aim to create the best quality content related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News. At My Bitcoin, We dig deep into the data before we publish a post.

What is our aim for My Bitcoin?

One main goal is to provide news to the readers which is actually useful to them. We are not just a news site or a blog, We are a team of passionate writers who are proving the latest news from all over the market.

My Bitcoin is a fully independent publication covering news on Bitcoin and Altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple. Our team is expert at deep-researching and providing the best content to our readers. We want to provide businesses and cryptocurrency lovers with an effective, and thought-provoking which is useful for the whole community. On our website, you can easily search for news on various topics related to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

How was My Bitcoin formed?

The experts have seen a huge market in this sector and also observed that this kind of media should reach a wide number of potential users. That’s why decided to start My Bitcoin.

Our Mission

We will continue to work towards our main purpose of increasing data sharing and community engagement by promising that the community receives information and data which will help them make better decisions.

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